Gun of the Month.


February 2020 “Gun of the Month”

This 7.5” Colt SAA in 44 Special went home after the customer complained it felt “dull” with the following upgrades: My famous Tune & Time, tweaked internals, recut forcing cone, endshake...gone, hammer flats polished to make firing pin stake flush, screws clocked. End result a snappy sounding action, and the crispest 3 pound trigger. Fannnntastic! 

March 2020 “Gun of the Month”


History: 2nd Gen SAA came in fitted with a shimmed barrel and extensive prior internals worked. 

Converted barrel from 5.5” 44Spl to 5.5” 357 Magnum and fitted customer-supplied NOS 357 Magnum Cylinder.

Tuned up, proof fired for POA/POI.

Went home wearing a handmade set of beautifully figured and grained Walbut.