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Colt Ruger Uberti SAA Tune Up Custom Grips - ColtSmith: Bill Fuchs


I will bring your old Single Action back to lIfe - better than ever. 

Inventor of the Single Action Cylinder Pin Ejector. 

A Wonder note! Tuned & Timed, welded front sight, repaired bad ding in barrel, turned barrel, Blued.

What I Do: Colt, Ruger, GW & Uberti.

Please Note: 

If using US Mail Priority address to 

Bill Fuchs

PO Box 533 

Ten Sleep, Wyoming 82442. 

We are a rural town and do not have delivery to storefronts. 

Fedex and UPS can come via address below. 

Action Tune-up: Correct timing of bolt drop, rise and height of bolt to properly fit cylinder stop, alter length of hand, trigger to hammer sear engagement and trigger pull adjusted to customers specification. Plus eliminate any “end shake”. 

I always try to encourage the customer to allow me to “regulate“ the three (3) frame screws, so all the slots on the screw heads are going the same way. It’s a little added work that really completes the look of the gun.

What I don’‘t do: I won’t put spongy springs in your gun just to make it ”feel better”. 

Action Tune-Up Price: $155 

Rebuilt Hammer notches and Triggers: 

Prices: Hammer $200/Trigger $75

Barrel Turning: rotate your barrel left or right to correct bullet impact. The degree needed to move the barrel is minimal, resulting in a normal looking sight picture. 

Price: $125

Cylinder fitting: Fit an extra cylinder, perfectly timed like the original. 

Price: $125 

Cylinders: Re-bored or Rechambered

Price to Re-bore: $150-$250 (bottleneck ctgs)

Price to Rechamber: $225

Grip Fitting: Fashion a new set of one or two piece grips from your material or mine. Or simply make yours fit...perfectly. 

Wood/Synthetic Make New: $175 (plus material) 

Bone or Bone-like: $250 (plus material)

Fitting: $75

Fire Blue/Nitre Blue: Screws, Hammers, Triggers, whatever you want. Very reasonable pricing! 

Small parts (screws, triggers, pins): $7

Large Parts: Hammers, etc: $12

Whitesmithing Service for unobtainable parts


Time Frame?

i’ve Been busy....that‘s a good thing, right? 

1.) To Tune and Time your SAA work times are 7-10 days. If parts are needed it will increase the time accordingly

2.) Welding parts stand at 10 days. 

3.) Grips less than 2 weeks. 

4.) Case Color/Blueing: 30 days. 

5.) Fire/Nitre Blue small parts: 5-7 days. 


Colt Lightning Rifle and Clones

Winchester 1860, 1873, 1876 and 1894’s 


Cylinder Pin Ejector Tool


($3.75 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


Your brass tool delivery includes simple instructions. 

(Feedback is encouraged)

Confidence. Done Right. On Time. Every Time!

3.5” Colt SAA, nickel with Ejector in 45 Colt.

All Single Action Work

20 years experience in repair, custom alteration, proper function and design in the Colt Single Action Army. 


Inventor of the Patented Single Action Cylinder Pin Ejector

Hard to believe it took 145 years for the idea of using the guns own hammer to do the work to dislodge a pesky jammed cylinder pin. 

* Works on all makes of Single Action revolvers. 


Get your Six Shooter tuned up!

In use since 1881 this cobbled old Colt pictured above received new internals and runs better than ever. It’s ready for another century of use! 

My $155 Six Shooter Tune-Up will ensure proper function for years and thousand of shots downrange. 

Tune up will include; proper timing and lock up, perfect trigger sear to hammer adjustment and remove “end shake”. 

Parts extra if needed *


Enamored with Range Wars...

Ever since I was a kid I was enamored by the stories of the Range Wars. Movies like SHANE, UNFORGIVEN and OPEN RANGE come alive to me as I wonder what part I’d play. 

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It’s true, Most Single Action Work comes from out of state. Receiving your gun halfways across the Country is how I work! 

I’ll help you ship your firearm and ensure its fully insured on its delivery back to you. 

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