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Colt Ruger Uberti SAA Tune Up Custom Grips - ColtSmith: Bill Fuchs

Projects Completed:

Work equals: Results!!!

Filing my weld.

An aggressive approach...

Since 1985 a Colt SAA had a loading gate bottom hole factory drilled too close that it broke through the frame. 

A weld, a re-weld, some filing, sanding and Case Color Hardening brought new life to this firearm. 

The above frame, finished and CCH.


Sharp edges, no ripples, flat surfaces. 

Back together...

Colt SAA back together for its voyage home.

Lubed, timing double checked, fully assembled and heading home. 

Custom Grips.

A Stellar set of Stabilized cut and carved, hand-rubbed maple 1-piece grips.

Done by hand with the best possible layout of grain. 

Metal work, metal work...

1881 SAA.

Here’s a great 1881 Colt SAA with new life breathed into it. The already shortened barrel was corrected to 4 3/4 inches and a new front sight made high enough for a BP load to be sighted in to POA. 

Easy. Simple or Aggressive?


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